The Mega

Extend your workforce with AI-powered, autonomous mowers

Autonomy ready—today

The Mega is a commercial, autonomous mower. We start with the best-in-class electric mowers, then add our “clamp on” autonomy kit. It combines the best in hardware with the best in software, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity on day-1.

Without having to spend time on mowing, landscapers are free to do higher-value tasks.

The tech

  1. GPS, Cameras, communication infrastructure, safety lights
  2. Weather-proof compute box
  3. Certified safety sensor
  4. Rear safety stop
  5. Primary LIDAR
Our tech

Impact stats

Acres Autonomously Mowed
Pounds of Carbon Offset (CO2e)*
Man-hrs freed up

*Calculation: 10 gallons of gas per day * 42 mowers * 5 days per week * 32 weeks* 17.7 pounds of carbon per gallon of gas = 1.19M

Performance partner

With the best in class AriensCo electric mower, masters in mowing for over 100 years, paired with our high-tech automation suite, you get a super-performant machine ready for deployment NOW.

Product features

Best-in-class safety

We built our systems with the state-of-the-art perception sensors and multiple layers of protection, and continue to improve that by employing the most respected safety experts in the field.

Trusted hardware

AirensCo is the best electric mower in the business. Our partnership means your mower will be highly performant.

Laser-guided precision

Laying down the perfect stripes is not just a ”nice to have”... It’s non-negotiable. Our tech stack was built with that standard at heart.

Adaptable mow path planning

Landscape is, by definition, a growing environment. Our path planning is as adaptable as the job demands.

Cost effective

Our Robots-as-a-service monthly subscription model means you pay as you go, with no large, upfront CapEx costs.

Liability coverage

Electric Sheep indemnifies you from any misperformance of our robots in the field, so there is no risk to your business and no liability concerns to interfere with your sales efforts.

How it plugs into your workflow


We deliver the autonomous mower and a technician.


The technician manages the mower for you, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.


Your crew knows where robots will be so they can focus on other higher value tasks

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