Our team uniquely bridges deep tech & the landscaping industry

With experts in AI and machine learning, robotics, and landscaping, we deliver cutting edge tech and workflows, while staying grounded with in-field perspective, building products that speak directly to the needs of landscaping professionals.

Team experience includes

Our mission

At Electric Sheep Robotics, we’re more than just building cool tech. For us, it’s about delivering a productive tool that people can depend on to do tough work, helping them grow their landscaping businesses.

Our thesis

This is the decade when outdoor robots will become commonplace.

Since robots need human operators, gradually, we’ll see a strong “co-bot” model, or robots that work alongside people.

With robots doing the dull, repetitive jobs, the human workforce will be elevated to focus on more creative tasks, like landscaping or environmental health.

For Electric sheep, mowing is only the beginning. In the unstructured world, there are endless ways that robots can help keep the outdoors from falling into disarray, from snow plowing, to street sweeping, or trash collection.

Join us in deploying outcomes-focused mowing solutions today, with our eyes set on the horizon.


Pieter Abbeel
Prof. UC Berkeley, Robotics/AI
Dan Foley
Landscape CEO (sold to Brightview)
Phill Sexton
Prev, VP Brickman



First Paid Robot Deployed
Successfully reduced a 3-man crew to 2-man crew in California.


10x Deployments
We multiplied by 10 what we did the previous year, and expanded to the North East.


Raised Series A
Which is a market justification for us and the problem we’re tackling, and are expanding nationally.

Our investors